Day 5: Taman Tasik Perdana

Since we arrived late at the Lake Garden the last time we decided it would be a good idea to explore it more by early morning. Today is the day and we’re going to have a picnic.

Once we finished breakfast, Noel cooked a typical Filipino picnic food—pansit. Peanut butter sandwiches were also prepared and again, I was just the eager kitchen onlooker.

Our taxi driver to the Lake Garden was Badri who just like any other Malaysians we met is a Jericho Rosales fan. He was so delighted when he learned that we’re from the Philippines. He openly told us that he likes Jericho’s movies a lot that he spent several tear-jerking moments watching it. Badri was fun to be with as he talks and smiles a lot. I can sense from the way he talks about everything that he’s one proud Malaysian.

We were supposed to go start our day at the KL Bird Park, which is one of the sections of the garden, but had to cancel it when they saw that the entrance fee would cost each of us RM 35. With me protesting mentally, the three voted to check other attractions around for free or cheap attractions. We did not regret scrapping the Bird Park tour as we soon discovered that some of its birds and aviaries can be seen just along the road.

Sometimes overwhelming directions will get you nowhere.
We got the perfect spot to eat pansit and peanut butter.

Settled in on one of the park’s tables and after enjoying our picnic food, we started to look for the ‘lake’ in the Lake Garden. At first what we saw was somewhat disappointing as the lake appears to have accumulated moss and looks as if it had been stagnant for a long time.

Not to be deterred by the ugly sight we pushed further south and that’s when things began to get interesting once more.

We passed by the Fantasy Planet playground where for a moment we turned into kids as we appreciate the sight of colorful slides, play bridges and spiral bars.

Adults here are allowed to be children again.

As we neared the boathouse, the sky went a bit gray and started to drizzle. So we took shelter, the girls were at the swing while Noel and I under a shed. It was where we got to chat with Rosman who is the area’s security guard.

We talked about a lot of things from park birds, cars, gadgets and even religion. And the more we talk with him the more I learn about what Muslims seem to be like. At this point of our trip, I’ve conversed with a lot actually and I haven’t found any rude ones. They’re actually just like us Catholics, not so different after all.

The sun eventually got past the gray clouds and we continued with our tour of the garden. After quickly finishing our food, the park’s shuttle driver arrived and we got the chance to completely cover the whole Lake Garden paying only RM 0.50 each.

The park’s shuttle bus.

Once the shuttle tour was over we decided it was time to leave. We needed a taxi going back and someone advised that we can just go straight further and we would get a cab from there. That direction led us to an underpass. Not knowing what to expect, we pushed through anyway and soon discovered that we’re heading straight into the National Museum.

And sometimes getting lost is when you discover interesting places.

We checked and it was just 4 p.m. and we still have a couple of hours before closing time. Entrance fee was only RM 2.0 each. One thing I liked in there is that we were allowed to take pictures and videos. What I hated though, was its low light condition and that I was running low on video 8 cartridge space. Ti abi.

Wifey and her bro checking out the National Museum.

To cap the day, we stopped by KL’s biggest mall—Mid Valley Megamall. The myth, actually overheard from colleague, that there’s no big and good mall in Malaysia is now busted totally.


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